10nm CPUs are Coming from Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel

It’s absolutely mind boggling to me what we’ve been able to accomplish with regard to computers. The brain of a computer, the CPU or SoC, is comprised of very small components, resistors and transistors and what-not. The current standard for these tiny components is 14 nano meters. That’s 14 billionths of a meter.

Take a meter, divide it by a billion, take 14 of those and that’s how big things are on your typical computer processor.

And they’re about to get even smaller.

Qualcomm and MediaTek have both announced upcoming 10nm processors. Qualcomm’s will be built by Samsung and is called the Snapdragon 835. Microsoft has actually already endorsed the chip for their Windows 10 on ARM machines.

MediaTek calls theirs the Helio X30.

There’s also word of a 10nm chip coming from Intel. No official announcement yet but there are leaked documents that speak of a 10nm “Cannon Lake” SoC coming in the 4th quarter.

At some point I feel like we’re just not going to be able to get these things any smaller. There’s got to be a limit somewhere, at some point, but we haven’t hit it yet.

Shaving 4nm off the size of these components might not sound like much, but that’s a 28% decrease in size. That is significant, as a 28% decrease in size of the CPU could mean more room for things like a bigger battery in your smartphone, which we could all use.

source: My Google Site

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