All 2017 Chromebooks Will Have Google Play Store

There’s an official page from Google that tells us which Chromebooks have the Google Play Store on the stable channel. You probably already know this, it’s been around for a long time. And ever since it’s initial publishing it pretty much has remained exactly the same. The Original Asus Chromebook Flip, the Acer R11, and the 2015 Google Pixel have the Google Play Store and a whole bunch of other models will get it “some day”.

Well now the page is slightly different. First of all, here’s a link to the page I’m talking about. Secondly, here’s the bit that’s new:

All Chromebooks launching in 2017 and after as well as the Chromebooks listed below will work with Android apps at a time to be announced in the future*:

There’s a little asterisks there, and here’s what it references:

*The feature may not be available right ‘out of the box.’ That experience will depend on when the Chromebook launches and when Android Apps on Chrome OS is out of Beta. We don’t have an update right now on timing, but stay tuned.

This isn’t really surprising. I kind of already assumed this would be true, but now we have an official note from Google.

Still not word yet on when exactly Google Play Store for Chromebooks will come out of beta. The folks over at Chrome Unboxed have made a solid case for version 56 later this month. (read more on that here.) That would be pretty neat.

Knowing that ALL Chromebooks released from here on out are on the list for Google Play Store on the Stable channel tells me to expect more touchscreen Chromebooks. It also tells me to expect more 360 degree convertibles, as well as some detachables (like a Pixel C that doesn’t suck). Will we start to see things like GPS and accelerometers in coming ‘books? Will developers take Android on large screens seriously knowing how committed Google seems to be to the marriage of these two platforms?

Will annoying bloggers ever shut up about how Chrome OS is dead and that Google is abandoning it?

These answers and more, in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Gabriel over at Chrome Unboxed for the tip.

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