Acer C720 (2GB) Unboxing and review

That’s right, I was actually able to score the elusive Acer C720. It’s no surprise that it’s rarely in stock, given the specs, and price of this device. It’s basically an HP 14 with a smaller screen and a much smaller price tag.

What is surprising, is that it’s actually still in stock on Amazon. They usually sell out pretty quick. Hopefully this means Acer was finally able to catch up with the high demand. Maybe they did it that way on purpose to create a bit of an artificial demand? Taking one from Apple’s book perhaps?

I dunno.

Who cares anyways? I don’t. Let’s take a look at this thing already.


It’s a Chromebook. nuff said.

Ok just kidding. While “it’s a Chromebook” ALMOST sums it up, there are a few minor differences between models so I’ll tell you where this guy sits on the spec spectrum. We’ll call it, “spec-trum”. heh.

Memory: 2GB

Processor: Intel Celeron 2955U (Dual-core 1.4GHz, 2MB L3, 22nm, 15W) Otherwise known as the Haswell processor.

Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth (no 4G/LTE)

Touchscreen: No

Other than these differences, a Chromebook is a Chromebook.

How does this compare with other Chromebooks? Well, it’s much less expensive. I paid $199 for this device brand new, with free shipping on amazon. Here’s a link to my own Amazon Associates store.

It’s also very light. Personally I’ve owned the Samsung 5 550 and the HP 14. The Samsung was fairly light, and the HP was fairly heavy. I used to make fun of people that called the HP 14 heavy.

I was such a jerk.

The Acer has made me a believer. It’s SO NICE having a laptop this light. It just is. I actually wasn’t a fan of the huge screen on the HP. It was unnecessary, and just cumbersome. I didn’t enjoy taking it places. I can’t WAIT to find some lame excuse to go to the coffee shop with this thing. Especially after my new case comes in.

This device is sexy. When the new sARMsung and the Acer C7 first came out, I remember thinking how the Samsung looked OK, and the Acer looked pretty ugly. This new iteration from Acer is anything but ugly. (I just said but ugly, teehee)

I really love the dark metallic color. And I’m not just saying this because I’m sick of the Ocean Turquoise of the HP 14 that is now my wife’s computer. This device just screams:


Some may disagree. I don’t care, they’re wrong. The HP 11 looks nice and all but I’d take this one anyday.

Speed wise I can’t see any difference at the moment. I have exactly 23 tabs open right now, including Google+, facebook, outlook 365, GoDaddy website builder and then mostly some techy news articles. Not to mention some extensions working in the background, like hangouts and mightytext. I’ve been wondering this whole time if there was much of a difference between the 4GB Haswells and the 2GB Haswells. So far I can’t find one.

No backlit keyboard, which is a shame. And the speakers are on the bottom, which is a shame. However I’ve never really had a laptop that was any different so I don’t really know what I’m missing. I’ve known where all the letters were for some time now so I don’t need much help finding them, and I’m no audiophile.

In short, I’m loving this machine, and hugely regretting having bought the HP 14. I spent $350 for that laptop, when I could have had the same thing for $200.

Oh well. You live and you learn.

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