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All 2017 Chromebooks Will Have Google Play Store

There’s an official page from Google that tells us which Chromebooks have the Google Play Store on the stable channel. You probably already know this, it’s been around…

Android Instant Tethering Coming with Google Play Services 10.2

Google Play Services 10.2 is rolling out and it’s bringing an interesting, if not mostly gimmicky feature with it. The feature is called Instant Tethering. Basically the way…

Google Pixel Phone Review

Google Pixel Phone Review

When I first heard about the Pixel phone from Google, I thought to myself “I have to have that”. There was no question. It just sounded too sweet….

Gmail 5.0 Android

Gmail gets Material Design update, with 5.0 release

In the wake of the beta release of Inbox by Gmail, an alternative to the Gmail app, the Gmail app quietly received a major update. Gmail 5.0 recently…

Inbox, from Gmail

Google’s Gmail team recently brought us a new way to…check our Gmail. It’s called Inbox. Inbox is currently in beta, and is invite-only. I was lucky enough to…

looppay fob

LoopPay: Can you really leave home without it?

When I first started using my Moto X, one of the many features I was looking forward to was the ability to use the built-in NFC chip along…

Unlock your phone with a tattoo

In case you missed the announcement from Motorola, there‚Äôs a digital tattoo available that will unlock your Moto X when you tap the phone against the tattoo. This…


The Epic Smartphone Decision of 2014: Apple and Google Setting Up for Climactic Year-End Battle

Wow, Apple. You had me with the “the mother of all releases,” Extensibility and 4,000 new APIs. I loaded up the iOS 8 beta on my iPhone 4s…

Pressy Button

Depressed over Pressy

I found out about Pressy – The Almighty Android Button as I do most other Kickstarter projects. I read about it on a tech blog or on Google+….

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s Fire Phone will be fantastic at separating you from your money but not much else

I don’t know about you, but I was actually looking forward to Amazon’s Fire Phone. In advance of its introduction to the world, I followed all the news…