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Acer Spin 11 Chromebook

More Chromebooks Coming with Stylus Pens

According to a tweet (shown below) from @GoogleForEdu we should be expecting more Chromebooks to hit the market sporting stylus pens.

Asus Chrome OS Keyboard

Chrome OS Keyboard, Mouse coming soon says Asus

A quick conversation with an Asus online chat representative will reveal that Asus does in fact have plans to make their Chrome OS Keyboard and Mouse available À…

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 sets its sights too high — as well as its pricetag

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled its Surface Pro 3 in New York, taking the wraps off a visually stunning, capable device the likes of which the company had yet…

Lackluster? Hardly. These new devices are perfect for Google’s Chrome OS strategy

Last week in San Francisco, Google and Intel held a special event for Chrome OS and announced Chromebooks in new shapes, sizes and form factors. The two tech…

Asus Chromebook

New Asus Chromebook. Color me not impressed.

Looks like the Chromebook cookie-cutter has made it’s way to the Asus factory. Asus is set to launch another 11.6″, 2GB intel Chromebook with a 1366 x 768…