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Map your OneDrive to Windows without storing files locally

As cloud computing becomes more common and as users store more files in the cloud, the common solution of syncing cloud files to your computer may become untenable…

Review: Synergyse Training and KeyRocket

Review: Synergyse Training and KeyRocket

As an IT professional I find myself troubled when asked for advice about purchasing a new computer. One of my biggest concerns as of late is whether the…

sFTP Server inside your Files app – Chromebook

I bring you joyous news. No, I’m not here to talk about how my home town finally got a Popeyes Chicken (as joyous as that news may be)….

HP 11 Chromebook

My HP Chromebook 11 review:

So I’ve been using my HP Chromebook 11″ for almost a month now and I want to post some of my thoughts. It needs to be noted that…

WWDC 2014

WWDC 2014 Quick Hits

These are my quick and dirty thoughts after Apple’s keynote from WWDC 2014. I’ll give my full thoughts after I’ve had time to sift through all the details….

Lackluster? Hardly. These new devices are perfect for Google’s Chrome OS strategy

Last week in San Francisco, Google and Intel held a special event for Chrome OS and announced Chromebooks in new shapes, sizes and form factors. The two tech…

TeamLab personal Online Office Suite

Teamlab Personal – online office suite with co-editing capabilities

**CLICK HERE TO SKIP TO UPDATE** Earlier today, I was contacted by someone asking me to review their new open source web-based office suite called TeamLab Office, which…

Google Drive Offline Editing

Google Drive for Android gets Offline Editing (sort of)

Not too long ago (like 3 days ago) I was complaining on Google+ about Drive for Android’s lack of offline capabilities. I found it odd, that my Chromebook,…

Acer’s new products offer possibilities

After a good buildup of hype, Acer unveiled its new lineup of devices Tuesday in New York at its “a touch more connected event,” hinting at a new…

Asus Chromebook

New Asus Chromebook. Color me not impressed.

Looks like the Chromebook cookie-cutter has made it’s way to the Asus factory. Asus is set to launch another 11.6″, 2GB intel Chromebook with a 1366 x 768…