Chrome Web Store now viewable on mobile

We’ve all been there, we’re browsing the interwebs on our mobile phone, probably on Google+, when we see a recommendation for a sweet app/extension on the Chrome Web Store. Now, obviously you can’t install the app on your phone, Chrome apps/extensions don’t work on Chrome for Mobile. But we still click the link anyways, hoping to at least read a description, maybe some reviews, check out a video or some screenshots. But instead, we’re presented with an error page (screenshot).

This is very frustrating. Mostly because I forget that it’s going to do that every time. I ALWAYS click the link expecting to see the app page and be able to check it out, and I’m ALWAYS disappointed by this error page.


Google has finally built the Chrome Web Store website for mobile devices. Now, that doesn’t mean you can install Chrome apps/extensions on your mobile Chrome, it’s still Chrome for mobile, but you can at least take a look at the app/extension page so you can read up on it and determine if you want to bother making a note to add it to your computer later.

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