ChromeOS now supports 4k video. Apparently.

I have yet to find any official announcement from Google or the Chrome team, but all the blogs are ablaze with news that ChromeOS, which powers the growing-in-popularity Chromebooks and Chromeboxes (ok and Chromebases), now supports 4k video resolution.

If you’re not sure what 4k video is, there is a nice write-up on wikipedia.

This is pretty cool, especially considering Google’s new push into the enterprise market with their Chromebox for Meetings campaign. If you want to splurge on a big-ass TV for your Video Conference meetings, a Chromebox is going to be able to handle it quite nicely.

Granted not everything supports/streams in 4k yet, but like anything awesome, it just needs to catch on. And the fact that ChromeOS is on top of it is a good sign for us Chromies.

Anybody been WAITING for this support? Anybody test it out yet?

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