Don’t give up on Siri just yet

Apple dropped the beta tag from Siri, its voice-activated virtual assistant for iOS devices, in September 2013 with the release of iOS 7. But for all intents and purposes, Siri is still a beta feature, not fully reliable and missing some functionality to make it a capable virtual assistant. Which is why news that Apple has snapped up Novauris Technologies should provide a shot of optimism for iPhone and iPad owners waiting for Siri to be as useful and helpful in real life as she is in Apple’s own commercials.

Novauris, as Gizmodo explains, is known for tasking local processing power to tackle voice commands. The addition of voice recognition specialists from Dragon Systems R&D, developers of DragonDictate, should help Apple augment Siri’s current reliance on a connection to its servers and keep your virtual assistant focused more on you than web searches.

TechCrunch confirmed that Apple actually completed the deal for Novauris in 2013 and the team has been working for Apple since then, likely on beefing up Siri’s recognition of voice commands. Apple reportedly has another team specifically focused on beefing up Siri’s capabilities in Boston as well.

Hopefully, this all results in a more powerful version of Siri on iOS 8, which is expected to be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2-6 in San Francisco. Siri desperately needs third-party integration to make her truly my digital assistant. And that means being able to accept and act on a voice command like this: “Launch Google+. Read latest post from Post reply: Love the article, James. The future looks bright.”

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