Switch from WIndows XP to Chromebook

Free Chromebook for businesses?

As if Microsoft hasn’t been trolled enough already after their Q&A on Reddit the other day, Google has announced that they will give you up to $200 off per device if you switch from the late Windows XP to Chromebooks/Chromeboxes for business.

Now, given that the Acer C720 is only $199, and the Asus Chromebox starts at $179, does this mean you could potentially replace all your computing hardware for free?

Well not quite. There are a few restrictions that are of note. Google will give you $100 off for every managed device you purchase, and another $100 off for every VMware Desktop as a Service subscription. So there’s a subscription involved to get the entire $200 off. But this is still a heck of a deal, and worthy motivation for making the switch to ChromeOS.

The VMWare subscription allows you to access Windows applications via your Chromebook.

This move is just one of many taken by Google to ensure a solid foundation in the enterprise market. They’ve already launched their Chromebox for Meetings campaign, and have been steadily infiltrating the Education market for awhile now.

It’s clear at this point that Google is very, VERY serious about their OS and are putting a large amount of effort and resources into making it [more] successful.

I myself made the switch from Windows to ChromeOS a little over a year ago, and I haven’t looked back. ¬†If you’re a business owner, this might be just the push you need to make the same switch. If you’re just a consumer like myself, then you should probably check out this deal from Best Buy.

For full details about these promotions from Google, check out their official page here.

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