How to get Windows 8 Metro on your Chromebook (not really)

Finally my touch screen Chromebook makes sense.

Of course I’m joking. There’s no way a touch screen Chromebook makes sense. But just in case you really like that Metro look, here’s a fun little app that if you squint your eyes at, will make you think you’re running Windows 8 Metro on your Chromebook.

The app is called MyBrowserPage, and can be added to Chrome via the Chrome Web Store. Link.

Unfortunately, the app is not customizable, like Windows 8 Metro. There are a set group of apps, and they cannot be changed.

When I click the “Tools” cog wheel at the bottom of the page, I get a page telling me that they do not currently support Chrome, and that I should download IE, FF or Safari.

I think I’m going to set this as my homepage just for awhile, to see how it is. It has a Google search box so it’s got everything I want in a homepage.


This one’s a lot better.


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