Google adds Hulu Plus support to Chromecast, literally dozens of people care

Ok, so there’s actually like 2 million people silly enough to pay for Hulu Plus.  But compared to Netflix and HBO pulling in close to 30 million each, it might as well be dozens.

Casting Hulu Plus to my Chromecast on my HTC Droid DNA
Casting Hulu Plus to my Chromecast on my HTC Droid DNA

While it warms my heart to see the Google Chromecast quickly adding support for more apps, I’m not particularly excited about this one.  As soon as I heard the news that the Chromecast now supported Hulu Plus, I immediately signed up for my 1 week trial, just….just cuz.  I wanted to try it.

So I did.  I tried it.  Aaaaand it worked.  Not much to say about that.  It works just like the Netflix app, and the Google Music/Movies/TV app and the YouTube app.  Once you open it, as long as your connected to the same WiFi as the Chromecast, you’ll see the cast button in the top right corner.  Tap that, select the appropriate Chromecast and voila.

I will say this, it did seem to start streaming my Hulu selection quicker than it wants to start streaming a song on Google Music or a movie on Netflix.  It wasn’t a significant difference, tho.

One thing I noticed is that on my Chromebook didn’t seem to have the cast button, like Netflix/Google/YouTube.coms.  This really isn’t a big deal for two reasons: 1) who cares, nobody uses Hulu Plus anyways. 2) since you can cast your entire Chrome browser anyways, it’s really a mute point.  Anything you can do in a Chrome browser can be cast to your T.V., you don’t need a native cast button.

So, If you’re among those would enjoy paying 8 dollars a month for a video streaming service with a worse selection than Netflix, plus ads, this might be exciting news for you. Open the app, turn on your T.V. and cast away!

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