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Google Cloud Print Supports 58 New Paper Sizes

Google Cloud Print is an awesome service that Google provides, free of charge that allows you to print things remotely. While this feature may not be super useful for most people, it’s incredibly useful for anybody who owns a Chromebook.

My first experience with Google Cloud Print involved a rather confusing process of installing something on my windows machine that would add the printer in my home to my work computer’s list of printers. That was neat. I could also easily print anything from any Chrome browser I was logged into to my home printer.

I tried it a couple times, it was neat, but I never really used it for anything productive. At the time it cost $20 to install it onto a Windows machine. Printing from Chrome was free, however.

It seems that the service no longer costs $20, which is cool.

You can also print from your Android/iOS device.

I use Google Cloud Print all the time now that I own 2 Chromebooks. Since you can’t install printer drivers in ChromeOS, Google Cloud Print is your only option for printing. Google Cloud Print ready printers go for as little as $50. I used a $50 Epson that worked great, and have since upgraded twice, and am now using a Canon Pixma MX900 series printer.

With as awesome as Google Cloud Print is, it’s been lacking in available printable paper sizes. Well, the good news is Google is adding support for 58 new paper sizes.

Special thanks to Craig Tumblison for sharing this information. He pulled the information from a raw commit diff, which you can find here.

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