Google Drive Offline Editing

Google Drive for Android gets Offline Editing (sort of)

Not too long ago (like 3 days ago) I was complaining on Google+ about Drive for Android’s lack of offline capabilities. I found it odd, that my Chromebook, which is widely considered (incorrectly so) to be useless without an internet connection could edit documents offline, but my Android device, with it’s native apps, could not perform the same task.

Well now that’s all changed. Right now, available in the Android Market (yes, I still call it that. I think Google Play is a dumb name) and Apples App Store are two apps, Google Docs and Google Sheets (presentations app is coming). These apps allow you to edit documents and sheets, with offline capability built in.

Currently, the Android version of Drive still lets you edit docs and sheets, but according to Android Police, the new (unreleased) version of Drive no longer has editing. This has been confirmed by +Chris Cox an iPhone user who tells me his Drive no longer allows him to edit docs/sheets. This makes sense considering iOS always gets updates before Android. Android users: next time Drive updates, you better go ahead and download the new Docs/Sheets apps while you’re at it, because Drive most likely will not allow you to edit those anymore.

What do you think? Is this a good move? It’s kind of a Microsoft-esque move if you think about it. With Microsoft, you have the downloadable software, and you have OneDrive, a separate “app”. Now with Google, you have Drive, and separate Docs/Sheets/Presentations (soon) apps. If you try to edit a document in Drive, it will just open the Docs app (or prompt you to download it, if you haven’t already). Personally I’m OK with it, as long as the Drive app is kind enough to open the Docs/Sheets/Presentations app for me. I’m pretty used to opening Drive to find my document, regardless of what kind of document it is, and THEN opening it. I don’t want to have to search through my phone for the Docs app, or to the other end of my apps for the Sheets/Presentations app. I just wanna go to Drive like I always do.

Anyways, However it works exactly, the biggest news in my opinion is having offline editing on Android. WOO!!

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