Google Account Settings app for Android

It’s kind of amazing what Google has enabled us to do from our smartphone regarding our Google account. Have you ever wondered just how many websites you’ve logged into using your Google account? Would you like to opt out of interest-based ads? Wanna manage your Google Now settings? All this can be done from your Android device. You may or may not have noticed the little button in your app drawer, but it’s apparently been there for awhile now (traditionally, it’s been green. It’s grey now).

Recently tho, it’s gained a few more options. Here’s a side by side comparison of old (left) and new (right) Google Settings app:











This list is fairly self explanatory. ¬†Play around with it. I particularly enjoy the “Connected Apps” option, which I can only assume is the same as the old “Apps with Google+ Sign-In” option. It shows you a list of every website/app you’ve ever logged into with your Google account, and you can easily disconnect from that website/app if you want to.

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