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Google’s Hangouts, Voice, Maps, Search and Plus available for Windows mobile?

No, unfortunately. I know this title sounds like click bait, and to be honest it is. I want everyone who might be looking for these apps in Windows Mobile to know that they are NOT available. There have been some scams going on in the Windows app store lately, from someone claiming to be Google, Inc.

There have been no announcements from Google/Microsoft that any of these apps were/would be available. They just showed up one day from Google, Inc. It should be noted, that Google has one app in the Windows app store–their search app–and it’s from “Google Inc”, not “Google, Inc”.

So as much as we all (and by ‘we all’ I mean the 10 people in existence that actually use Windows Mobile) would love to have these Google services on a Windows Mobile device, it just ain’t happening (yet).

As a Google user, I do hope these apps reach Windows Mobile. I think Microsoft has enough money to keep Windows Mobile around for a long time despite it’s hilariously small user base. The question is whether Microsoft will even allow these services in their app store. Microsoft is in direct competition with Google when it comes to office-type apps, online storage/collaboration, video conferencing and even search. They may want to use Windows Mobile as a way of getting people immersed in their own software and keep them isolated from the Google ecosystem.

Anyways, the main point of this article is DO NOT INSTALL ANY GOOGLE APPS ON YOUR WINDOWS PHONE!! It’s a scam.

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