HP Chromebox

HP Chromebox available for purchase, finally

That’s right, the HP Chromebox is finally available for purchase. This is good news for anybody who wanted a Chromebox but had something against Samsung AND Asus.

The interesting thing about the HPs tho,

and I gotta hand it to them on this, is their number of options. You can get a base model, Haswell with 2GB RAM for $179, OR the i7 model with 8GB of RAM, and two different models in between.

The $659 price tag on the i7 model is a bit steep for me, but there have been lots of people clammoring for a high end Chrome OS device, and HP delivered.

The fun thing about the $179 model is it’s apparently upgradeable. I wouldn’t mind seeing what a Haswell box could do with 6, or 8 gigs of RAM.

Currently the devices are for sale on HP’s website, and I can only assume they will be available on Amazon soon.

Purchase links:

$179 model. Haswell, 2GB RAM – purchase
$199 model. Hasweel, 4GB RAM – purchase
$629 model. i7, 4GB RAM – purchase
$659 model. i7, 8GB RAM – purchase

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