HP Chromebox

HP Chromebox available in US, $179

The moment many of you have been waiting for is here: the HP Chromebox is available to purchase (in the US anyways). The base model price, not surprisingly, is $179.

Spec wise, it seems to be the same as the Asus Chromebox. Atleast for the $179 price tag. Asus offers a 2GB with the Celeron processor, and a 4GB with the i3 processor. HP is offering a 2GB Celeron, 4GB Celeron, and a 4GB i7?


Yeah, 4GB i7. Because why not?

Those models are priced at $179, $199 and $629 respectively, from HP.

Or, if you really want to buy from Amazon, you can do so here, for $183.89 from a seller called pcrush-outlet

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