Inbox for Work

Google For Work recently (yesterday) announced that they will be bringing Inbox by Gmail to Google Apps for Work users. Until now, Inbox has been invite-only, and personal-gmail-only.

It would appear that the Gmail team is taking Inbox pretty seriously. What seemed like a silly side-project at first as really evolved into a priority for Google. Not too long ago, iPad users got some Inbox love, and now Google Apps for Work users are getting some Inbox love.

The invite process is a bit more involved, it would seem. Google is asking more of their Google Apps for Work users than the average user. Here’s a snippet from the Google Apps for Work official blog:

Of course, every company and every person is different, so we want to get more input on how Inbox will work at your company. Starting next month, we’ll begin enabling Inbox for a small group of Google Apps customers to learn about their needs, challenges and use cases.

  • Do you want to use Inbox as your primary email at work?
  • Are employees at your company heavy mobile users?
  • Most importantly, do you want to partner with Google on user studies to help build the new work Inbox?

If you answered “yes, yes and yes!” then email from your Google Apps for Work administrator account to apply for an invitation to the early adopter program. To start, we plan to work very closely with the early adopter companies, so not everyone that applies will be accepted right away, but the program will continue to expand over the coming months.

If you’re a Google Apps for Work user looking for some Inbox action at work, send a request to from your work account and wait for an invite.

Do you even like Inbox? Tell us what you love/hate about Inbox by Gmail.

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