iOS gets some Chromecast love

iOS devices are getting some Chromecast love following the release of the Chromecast SDK by Google. A new app called Photo Cast has appeared in the Apple App Store that allows you to cast photos to your Chromecast.

Sounds simple, but it’s a feature that has been lacking ever since the Chromecast’s release. Android users are able to do with with an app called Avia, but the ability will cost you $3 USD.

The pros of the Photo Cast app are that it’s free, and let’s you play a slideshow with an adjustable timer for each slide.

The cons are that it does not allow you to cast videos (avia does) and since it’s an iPhone, there will be no multi-tasking. You can’t run the slideshow in the background and then do something else with the phone, like you can with Netflix.

This is great news for iOS users, and really all Chromecast users. Now that the SDK is available we will see developers competing for our usage.

Hey Amazon Instant Video, how bout some Chromecast love??

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