LG Chromebase

LG Chromebase Available on Amazon

The long awaited LG Chromebase is available on Amazon for $349, with free shipping. Link

The LG Chromebase, of course, features Googles Chrome OS, a light-weight operating system based on the linux kernel built around the Chrome browser. For those of us completely immersed in the Google ecosystem, Chrome OS devices are quite wonderful, offering security, fast boot up times, and no virtually no hassles.

This Chrome OS device features 2GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD, Intel Haswell processor, and a 22″ 1920×1080 resolution screen. For full product details, click here.

The Chromebase is the first, and so far only, all-in-one Chrome OS device, reminiscent of the iMac, and other similar all-in-ones.

$349 is really not a bad price when you consider that it comes with a 22″ HD monitor, mouse and keyboard.

This would make a great kiosk device, for churches and other organizations, or even a pretty killer XP replacement.

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