Motorola RZ100

Motorola RZ100. Is it worth $99? Nope. It’s not even worth $10

I’m currently sitting in my basement, huddled in the corner with my family waiting for a Tornado warning to pass, with no electricity, and no internet. I figure I may as well take advantage of the situation and write about the new device I recently purchased (and regretted purchasing). After all I’m already in a bad mood, so it’s perfect.

I’m just gonna say it; the Motorola RZ100 is a waste of money. And I only spent 10 dollars on it. Motorola for some reason originally thought people would pay $99 for the device. I sincerely hope nobody fell for that.

The idea of the RZ100 is a good one, I think. It’s supposed to allow you to remotely control your Android device with a trackpad controlling a mouse cursor on your device, via Bluetooth, and also take calls. Unfortunately, this gadget just doesn’t deliver.

They claim the device works with basically any Android device, however the device did not work with my Nexus 10, or my HTC DNA. At least not as a remote control. It did handle Bluetooth calls pretty well. Which is a nice feature of the device. Say you’re phone is docked on something, or maybe it’s just charging because you let the battery get a little too low. You can carry this device around with you around the house, and won’t have to worry about missing a call (so long as you’re in Bluetooth range, of course). You don’t even have to feel like a pretentious douche walking around with a Bluetooth in your ear, (as I edit this post before publishing, I’m sitting in Starbucks wearing a Bluetooth in my ear like a pretentious douche) you actually hold this device to your ear, exactly like a phone!

But the remote control function never worked. It would pair with the device, but no mouse cursor would ever show up, and nothing would happen when I swiped across the pad, or pushed the hardware buttons.

It did, not surprisingly, work (poorly) with the Moto X I’m currently borrowing from Motorola. I would move my finger all the way across the mouse pad of the remote, and the mouse would move about an inch on my phone. It took way too much effort to get the mouse from one end of the phone to the other. And there was OFTEN a lag for no reason. All the hardware buttons did what they were supposed to.

It’s a shame, really. I was really hoping to be impressed by this little device (clearly I didn’t read any reviews before making the impulse purchase). The fact that they were normally a hundred bucks, and currently selling for 10 should have been a clue.

In conclusion, don’t buy it. Even for ten bucks. Spend that money on a couple lattes or something.

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