New HP 11 Chromebook

According to HP’s website there’s a new HP Chromebook in town. (by “town” I mean “Australia”)

While it hasn’t really been advertised well (at all) there really is a new HP Chromebook available in Australia. It’s called the HP 11-2001TU. The HP 11 we all know and…love..I guess, is the HP 11-1101.

Here’s a few quick photos

Screenshot 2014-05-13 at 10.02.29

Screenshot 2014-05-13 at 10.03.48

Screenshot 2014-05-13 at 10.05.35
















It’s mostly the same as the 1101, with a few minor differences.

  • Matte white finish, instead of glossy
  • Non-IPS screen
  • No colorful bands on the back, as well as no colorful border around the keyboard
  • 2.68lbs instead of 2.4lbs

Otherwise it’s the same machine. Same ARM processor, 2GB of RAM etc.

This is a surprising move, honestly. I already laughed at the HP 11, because of it’s sub-par processor, but at least it had the awesome screen, and the design is amazing. It might not be the best model out there spec-wise, but it really had that “wow” factor. This new model seems to have a “why” factor.

$400 for an ARM-book? No thank you.

Here’s a video of a poor customer who went to the store looking for “wow” and ended up with “why”.

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