OWC Digital Wants to Make Your MacBook Pro, Again.

The newest MacBook Pro from Apple has drawn some criticism from long time Pro users for not being as “Pro” as they might like. While the new ‘book certainly has a decent amount of RAM (8-16GB) and fast processor (Kaby Lake i5 and i7 options) the newest MacBook Pro is rather lacking in the ports department. Apple is trying to wow us with 4 Thunderbold 3/USB-C ports, which is kind of neat but not super practical at the moment unless you really like collecting dongles. There’s also no Ethernet port (of course, there’s no room for it given how thin the device is) or SD Card slot (not sure why there’s no SD card slot. It must be really cramped in that skinny frame).

This new device coming from OWC Digital aims to “Make your MacBook Pro, again” by adding all those things I just mentioned. Your MacBook Pro sits on top of this device, and connects via one of the many USB-C ports. The attachment adds 3 regular (I’m assuming 3.0 but no specs have been given yet) USB ports, an ethernet port, and what appears to be an SD card slot.

This will of course add a little girth to your MacBook, but if you ask me, laptops have been thin enough for years now. Adding a little thickness to gain a whole lot of functionality is in this bloggers opinion, a good move.

No word yet on when this will be available or how much it will cost, or even what it’s called yet, but you can sign up to receive updates here: OWC Digital

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