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Inbox for Work

Google For Work recently (yesterday) announced that they will be bringing Inbox by Gmail to Google Apps for Work users. Until now, Inbox has been invite-only, and personal-gmail-only….

sFTP Server inside your Files app – Chromebook

I bring you joyous news. No, I’m not here to talk about how my home town finally got a Popeyes Chicken (as joyous as that news may be)….

Looking for an external charger for Christmas? Anker has one for $10 off!

Okay, we all know my posts are anything but short, but I just wanted to quickly post this one. If you’re looking for a backup battery charger for…

Karma Go

Karma Go: Share a little WiFi

I should title my latest articles “Cool-techie-things-Neal-would-like-to-have-but aren’t-available-yet.” Here’s another one to add to the list. The Karma Go (which really makes me think of “…you come and…

Gmail 5.0 Android

Gmail gets Material Design update, with 5.0 release

In the wake of the beta release of Inbox by Gmail, an alternative to the Gmail app, the Gmail app quietly received a major update. Gmail 5.0 recently…

Inbox, from Gmail

Google’s Gmail team recently brought us a new way to…check our Gmail. It’s called Inbox. Inbox is currently in beta, and is invite-only. I was lucky enough to…

looppay fob

LoopPay lowers pricing for the holidays

For those of you that love a sale, LoopPay has lowered their prices in time for your Christmas shopping. The LoopPay Fob is now $29.95 (instead of $39)…

Google announces USB Security Key support for 2-Step Authentication

In recent years, it’s been made painfully clear that online security is a big deal. A really big deal. Between large companies being hacked, like Target and Dropbox,…

New Hangout App for Chrome

It’s nice! Download the new app here. FYI This post was a joke, for the benefit of Joey at

Have you seen my glasses?

Well, I went to the eye doctor last week, and she gave me a new prescription. Not only that, but my 11-year old daughter is also getting a…