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Google loves to make stuff. Cool stuff. Weird stuff.

A lot of what Google does, you’ve never heard of because it fails miserably and/or was just way too out there. But that’s mostly why Google is so awesome. They’re really not afraid to try anything, even if failure is almost guaranteed.  And given their resources, they have a better chance of pulling off the impossible than most companies.

Google’s latest crazy venture is called Project Ara.

Project Ara is a very interesting idea. Google is planning to build a totally modular cell phone. Customers will be able to buy a base model for $50, which won’t even have a cellular connection. The buyer can then start adding various attachments, camera, different processors, storage etc.

Google seems pretty serious about this crazy idea, as they’ve already set the date for 3 Project Ara Developer’s Conferences.

It’s not yet very clear if anybody even wants a modular cell phone. But it’s not a terrible idea. Many people have bought cheap desktop computers, and slowly upgraded them as the funds became available. Now you can do the same thing with a smartphone. You can also spend your money where you want to.

How many times have you been excited about a particular phone but thought “man this would be the perfect phone, if ONLY it had a better camera/processor/more RAM/expandable storage/4G/don’t need a 4G chip where I live don’t wanna pay for one”. Don’t care about a fancy camera? Put your money towards the best processor instead. Store everything in the cloud? Spring for the amazing camera, skimp on the storage.

It’s at least a very interesting project that I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on.

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