Review: Synergyse Training and KeyRocket

Review: Synergyse Training and KeyRocket

As an IT professional I find myself troubled when asked for advice about purchasing a new computer. One of my biggest concerns as of late is whether the individual will be able to navigate a new desktop. Steering people toward a Chromebook has been particularly unsettling, as has introducing the “new” concept of cloud computing.Fortunately, there are a couple of helpful tools that I believe are a must for CB newbies: Synergyse’s Training and KeyRocket. Whether a seasoned CB user or a complete newbie, one should definitely check out these tools, both of which are found on the Chrome Web Store.

Once you’ve installed Synergyse Training from the Chrome Web Store, you will find an additional drop-down menu in the top right of your window with the Synergise icon and the label, “Training.” The genius of Synergise’s Training menu is that it is specific to the app you are using. Whether you are in Gmail, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or even Google+ Synergise tailors the learning for just that app (Note: not available for Google Inbox). The menus are ordered from beginner issues at the top to more complex issues the further down. Each topic is accompanied by an audio tutorial which also visually interacts with the application. Unless you pay for the training, however, it seems that this trial version of Synergise only allows you to access five lessons per Chrome app. Since Synergise updates its tutorials I would suggest never removing the tool from Chrome. This way you can view the new tutorial titles and then search for information on that option should you be interested.

If you are an IT consultant for a company that is moving to Google Apps, Synergise is a must-have tool. The amount of time spent training and supporting users will be minimized through the implementation of this service. I would think any educational institution would adopt this tool as they only pay a license fee per full-time employee, while all students can enjoy the product for free.

One other tool that all Gmail users should try out is the KeyRocket extension (also available through the Chrome App Store). After installation KeyRocket will then provide pop-ups within Gmail (no Google Inbox support, yet) showing the user the shortcut keys you could have used for a specific action. Every Gmail user will likely benefit from the reminders until you become proficient with at least the most commonly used shortcuts.

It is what it is – Synergise Training and KeyRocket are excellent support and training tools Chrome user will definitely learn from.