Samsung Chromebook

sARMsung sequel. Worth it?

Samsung (to the frustration of many) hasn’t announced anything yet about a sequel to the ever-popular sARMsung Chromebook, but B&H Photo has recently listed a Samsung Chromebook 2 for pre-order.

They haven’t posted any specs yet. Seems like they will have 4GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, but besides there being an 11.6″ ($299) and 13″ ($399) option, we don’t know anything else.

Oh, it will feature an Exynos processor, but we could have guessed that. What we don’t know is exactly what kind of Exynos will we be getting. OMGchrome predicted an octa-core¬†back in December. The rumors flying around seem to point to a quad-core.

What kinds of things are you looking for in the new sARMsung Chromebook? Do you already have one, and have been anxiously waiting for an upgrade from Samsung?

Tell us your thoughts!

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