sFTP Server inside your Files app – Chromebook

I bring you joyous news. No, I’m not here to talk about how my home town finally got a Popeyes Chicken (as joyous as that news may be). I’m actually here to tell you about a slick new feature for Chromebook users that allows you to share files between your Chromebook and an sFTP server IN YOUR FILES APP.

That’s right, now when you open your files app you’ll see Google Drive, Downloads, USB devices currently connected, AND your web-server.

Getting this joy requires that you download an app from the Chrome Web Store here.

Once you’ve added the app, open it, plug in your server information and click “Mount”. You’ll be presented with a popup, click Accept and you’re ready to go! Open your files app and you’ll see your server listed on the left side.

Here’s a video showing you the setup.

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