Chromecast for Spotify

Spoticast – Android app lets you stream Spotify to Chromecast

**UPDATE** 5/9/14

Our first review of the app is in! +Geoffrey Phillips has good things to say about this app:

“This is a pretty good workaround. Sounds great, works well, and the album sleeve appears on the screen. This’ll do nicely until Spotify decide to get with the program.”



You might say. Until you realize that this isn’t an official app from Spotify, but rather a hackery brought to you by NOP Developments. But it’s still better than nothing!

The app basically tricks Spotify into thinking it’s an authorized audio receiver, then routes the audio to the Chromecast with the Cast API.

Don’t be surprised if the next Spotify update breaks this app. But I’m sure the developers will be keeping up with Spotify updates and will do their best to overcome any obstacles Spotify might give them.

With any luck, Spotify will realize it’s easier to just give us Chromecast support than to block people from getting it for themselves.

Honestly, I haven’t tried the app because it does require Spotify Premium, and I made the switch to Google Music All Access awhile ago. But I haven’t heard any complaints about the app not working, plus it’s free so you might as well just give it a try!

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