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Today I wanted to share a brief, 5 or so minute tech problem I encountered and overcame today with my wife.  Why?  Cuz I’m a nerd.

Google Remote Desktop
Me logged into my Acer Windows laptop via my Google Chromebook, using Google Remote Desktop

That’s not entirely true, nerds are really smart.  I’m more of a geek. Geeks are like nerds but not as smart.  Aaaaanyways.

So my wife had created a Microsoft Word document on her work laptop.  She was at home, and needed to print this document.  Her laptop was new, and I had never installed our home printer on her work laptop.  This wouldn’t be a problem for normal people, but I’m much lazier than the average normal person.  I didn’t feel like getting up to find the install disc for my printer, and I couldn’t remember the model number so I could find the drivers online.  Here is my solution.

I’m used to printing things from my Google Chromebook using Google Cloud Print. So, naturally my first instinct was to simply upload the document into my wife’s Google Drive account, and print it from drive with Google Cloud Print.  This would have worked great, except Drive didn’t render the document quite right.  The font was different, the color was different, and it wasn’t aligned perfectly.  So, since my Acer laptop running Windows 7 with Office 2007 is already setup to print on our home printer, I re-uploaded the document into my wife’s Drive account, this time with conversion off leaving it as a true docx file, then I opened my Chromebook, used Chrome Remote Desktop to remote into my Acer (again, too lazy to get up and open the Acer which was about 5 feet away from me), logged into my wife’s Drive account, downloaded the document to my Acer, and printed it.

And I never had to get off my lazy bum.

Do you have any geeky tech solutions you’ve performed recently?  Tell me about it!

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