Ten Signs you Hate your Job

This isn’t necessarily tech-related, but I just wanted to have some fun. I recently stopped working for a large tech company, called GoDaddy. It’s no secret that I hated it there.

Here’s 10 signs that indicate you may hate your job too.



10. You create a list called “Ten signs you hate your job”.

Surely this is a warning sign. Funny thing, none of my co workers were creating a “10 signs you LOVE Your job” list…

9. Fridays depress you, because Monday is right around the corner.

Easily the worst thing about a Friday, knowing that Monday is just a couple days away.

8. You say things to your wife before camping trips like “If I’m lucky, I’ll get bit by a poisonous rattlesnake and be hospitalized for a couple weeks” because your job has a pretty good FMLA program.

Sometimes I considered breaking my own fingers so I could have a few weeks off.

7. This is your computer wallpaper:





This pretty much sums up my relationship with GoDaddy management.

6. You secretly wake up in the morning hoping that your car was stolen overnight so you have a legitimate excuse to miss work that day.

Plus there’s the added bonus of shopping for a new car, which is always fun! (and will require some time off)

5. You have a family of four, mortgage, car payments, and upon being fired you find it very hard to pretend you’re upset about it.

It was really difficult resisting the urge to say “Thank you”.

4. You have nightmares where your boss calls you and says your firing was just a practical joke, see you Monday morning.

These nightmeres are worse than the ones where I somehow found myself back in the Navy with no explanation.

3. You frequently browse job listings online. At work.

They said no facebook. They didn’t say anything about monster.com

2. Work offers you triple time and a chance to win a trip to Vegas for volunteering for overtime and you’re like:











I might consider if for 8x regular pay, and a guaranteed trip to Vegas. Maybe.


1. Your Google search history includes “Top 10 cities to be homeless in”









Seriously, I hear being homeless in San Diego isn’t all that bad. Some homeless people there live better than people her who have jobs!


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