Asus Tinker Board

Tinker Board From Asus – More Capable than Raspberry Pi

The small programmable Raspberry Pi has been a tinkerer’s delight for many years now. Small, affordable and capable, many do it yourselfers have used the Raspberry Pi to do some pretty amazing things.

The Raspberry Pi does have a few understandable shortcomings, like no support for 4K video, and only 1GB of RAM. This helps keep the Raspberry Pi so affordable, and accessible to the every day tinkerer.







But now there’s another tempting option. Asus has entered the small programmable board market with something they call the Tinker Board. The Tinker Board is about twice the price of a Raspberry Pi ($68 for the Tinker Board, $35 for the Pi) but is much more powerful.

The Tinker Board has a Quad Core Rockchip Processor capable of handling 4K video (and 24-bit Audio), twice the RAM of the Raspberry Pi and even sports a gigabit Ethernet port. Asus’ board runs a Debian variant and supports Kodi.

With the price tag being twice that of a Raspberry Pi, some people will need to think twice about upgrading if they have a whole fleet of boards, but I think a lot of tinkerers looking for one or two boards for their project might find the Asus Tinker Board to be a welcome upgrade, especially if they’re building some kind of media console that could take advantage of that 4K support.

What do you think? Worth the extra $32? Or will you be sticking with the Raspberry Pi?

Also if please feel free to share your tinkering project in the comments! Those are always fun to read about.

Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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