XP Best Buy Trade in

Trade in that old XP for $100 towards Chromebook


The deal is live! And we actually have an official link from Best Buy.


According to the LA Times, Best Buy is offering a $100 credit for your old XP machine, which can be applied towards a new Windows machine, Chromebook, or Apple Computer.

I’m not sure what the requirements are, as far as condition of the XP machine goes. I have an old HP laptop that is pretty beat up. The hinges are non-existant, and it’s missing a couple keys. But it powers on so it’s got that going for it, which is neat.

I also don’t know if you’re able to return multiple XP machines and get a $200, $300 credit towards a machine. If I could I would probably put XP on my windows 7 laptop and turn them both in towards another Chromebook.

The deal apparently starts on the 6th of April. Best Buy seems to be the only website not talking about this deal right now. If you have any other details about this deal please let us know!

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